Sure! Why not?

Is exactly what it will say on my tombstone; the three words that get me into the most trouble.

I would like to think I am made of a great amount of courage, persistence, unbending faith in myself, and fairy dust.  But in all likelihood I am made of nothing more than fear, lack of knowledge, curiosity, and carbon.  All too often I forget my accomplishments and shine the spotlight on my shortcomings.  Instead of praising my body for getting to the top of summits and to places I’ve never been before, I tear it down for not being photoshopped perfection.  Instead of celebrating my intelligence, I find myself in a downward spiral of comparison and self doubt.  I would love to say, “NO MORE!!!  I will praise myself as much as praise others!!!  I will celebrate my mind and body!!!  And I will not waiver in facing ALL my fears head on, one at time!!!”  But I know this is a lofty ambition and a sure fire way to failure.

So instead, in this battle to remember that I am, in fact, not a sum of my job, or my accomplishments, or my failures, but rather my experiences; I am making a place to remember that I, Erica Lowe, did live.




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