We Got a Van! (and a puppy!!!)

I could be more excited to announce the two newest additions to our family: our van, which still remains unnamed, and our puppy, Clyde. Discussions of getting a van had been going on for well over a few years, but it seemed like now was the right time to make the move.  We had looked at several vans, none being exactly what we were looking for.  But that is alright because I’m not even sure we knew EXACTLY what weRead more


I will be the first to admit I am NOT a road trip person.  Somehow I fell for a guy who loves them and in turn, here I find myself making it to all the places I would love to get to but just can’t summon myself to do on my own. Road trips drag me down memory lane of childhood trips all around the United States, up into Canada and down into Mexico.  I can’t tell you how painful eight hoursRead more

White Out

I would like to say the highlight of my weekend was the fact that I warmed up on a 5.9 sport lead, or that I lead my first 5.10a called My Bloody Valentine, or that Billy and I did a night climb, or even that I saw my first tarantula in the wild; but instead, White Out took the cake… We got to New Jack City slightly before 11 on Saturday morning.  Luckily we were able to get, what weRead more

Taming the Big Bad Wolf

My first multi-pitch sport climb…   and some other stuff I did. In a semi-last minute state of hunting a weekend getaway to escape the heat, Billy and I decided to go to Red Rock last weekend.  Yes, this is correct, we went to Las Vegas to escape the Los Angeles heat wave.  It might not have been cool, per say, but it was consistently over 10 degrees cooler than LA.  I’ll consider that a win. We arrived in RedRead more

Zee Tree

August 31, 2014 I will never EVER ever forget Zee Tree.  There is a laundry lists of first that happened that day, but mainly, most notably, it was my first multi-pitch climb. Zee Tree is a relatively easy slab climb in Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite, CA.  I was climbing the route with my soon to be boyfriend, Billy, and his two climbing friends Rovi and Sheila.  Of the four I was the most inexperience, follow by Sheila.  Sheila has been climbingRead more