We Got a Van! (and a puppy!!!)

I could be more excited to announce the two newest additions to our family: our van, which still remains unnamed, and our puppy, Clyde.

Discussions of getting a van had been going on for well over a few years, but it seemed like now was the right time to make the move.  We had looked at several vans, none being exactly what we were looking for.  But that is alright because I’m not even sure we knew EXACTLY what we were looking for, but I think on a few levels we knew what we weren’t looking for.  And on March 3, 2018 we found this beauty:

*Note the cutie patootie puppers didn’t come with the van.  That is Tashi who we were dog sitting for the weekend.  She was integral in helping us choose the right van.

She is a 1998 Ford Econoline with almost 43,000 miles on here.  She didn’t have a raised ceiling on here like we were looking for, but she had been so well kept that we couldn’t say no.  The back had carpeted walls, bench seats, and floor, which I actually viewed as a plus because it looked really easy to gut (and it pretty much was).

Well, when it rains, it pours, because two days later this little ball of fluff came into our lives:

I had been on the search for a doggo for us for months, actually to the point I was ready to give it a rest for awhile.  Many of my friends told me I would “just know” when we found the right pup.  After many weekend visits to shelters and adoption events, numerous applications and email correspondence, check all the adoption forums multiple times a day, this little guy popped up on one of my adoption alert emails.  I pounced.  I immediately contacted the rescue and Billy and we were meeting Clyde for our lunch break that day and taking him home that night.

Clyde was born Nov 20, 2018, and is a Maltipoo (a cross between a Maltese and a Poodle).  He is fiercely protective of his hoomans and his home, which is almost hilarious because he is just a cute ball of fluff.  His favorite game is Fetch which he is a natural at and his favorite toy is Bear, which he is sad when he can’t find a safe place to bury him in our apartment.  If you want to follow him on Instagram (yes, no shame, I’m one of those parents) his IG handle is @adventurepupclyde.

Stay tuned for both adventure van and adventure puppy updates!

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